American Association of International Management  AAIM
The Global Leader in International Development

AAIM, Inc. is a holding of 2 divisions:
  • AAIM-EDUTRANS for education, training and international development.
  • AAIM-IT for leading-edge IT, web application, localization and database systems

AAIM Education programs (EDUTRANS) offer unparalleled learning environment with a breadth of opportunities for learning results-driven knowledge that helps leaders attain immediate and long-term goals. Most of our training programs are directed for Public Administration, Government training, School Management and Teacher Education.  We offer custom training programs for leaders of private businesses and executive training programs.   We are proud to report that our Human Resources Management training and Employee Performance Appraisal systems have earned global recognition in optimizing performance and productivity.    


Grounded in delivering practical learning to bridge theory and practice, Executive Education's non-degree programs use a variety of teaching methods: formal in-class training, online training, Innovative Online resources to include Media-Rich on-demand learning, role plays, simulations, case studies, and personal cases – aiming at quality enhancement of education and leadership.

What is AAIM IT Programs?

AAIM IT division offer leading edge IT solutions of web applications, database support systems, legacy systems for both Government and private sectors.  AAIM draws on extensive expertise in IT with a broad range of clients that include major international organizations.  Our IT staff are experts in different areas of new-generation proven technologies.  We are proud to report that AAIM, Inc. won major awards from major clients.


Empower your leaders with AAIM award winning education programs and IT solutions 

Establish global strategic business partners

Get ready for millions and more for Mining & Rail Project financing

Get ready to get rare but legitimate sources for project financing and grants.

Access capacity building & sustainable development funds

Find unadvertised low or no interest funds earmarked for capacity building & sustainable development projects

Perform financial intelligence

Reveal financial strengths and vulnerabilities of your competitors

Train your entire team

Get training of trainers TOT materials to train your staff.

Become the sharpest negotiator

Offer stunning financial arguments to support your demands

Our clients include:

  • United Nations Development Programme UNDP
  • US Department of Justice
  • American Management Association
  • Management Center Europe
  • United Nations Development Program UNDP
  • United Nations Commission on Africa
  • Centre Africain de Formation et de Recherche Administratives pour le Développement CAFRAD
  • Estonia International Trade
  • Assn of Caribbean States
  • Jamaica Free Zones Authority
  • Intel Corporation
  • Samsung Corporation
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